About Us


Flt Lt Kelly

Hello, my name is Daniel Kelly known as "Tony" to the people that know me, I am the commanding officer at Heathrow UTC CCF. A little bit about myself. Currently I am a retired Aircraft Operations Controller from Heathrow Airport where i worked for 11 years, I had worked in the airport for about 25 years and retired mid 2019. My background in the military began when I first joined as a youngster the Queens 211Inf coy in Edgware, then a short period spent travelling. I Joined the Irish defence forces in 1981 and after basic training I was given the Artillery as my requested regiment and still attend the reunions many years later. I volunteered as a peace keeper with the United Nations and served in Lebanon with the 54th Infantry Battalion Reconnaissance Coy in 1983 to 1984. After finishing my service in the defence forces, I moved to Spain for a brief time and then returned to the UK to earn my fortune (I’m still trying).


After meeting Flg Off Chris DaCamara one day in a well-known supermarket, he persuaded me to join the cadet forces as an adult volunteer Instructor. I have now been involved with the cadet forces for almost 7 years with 5 years as the commanding officer at Heathrow UTC CCF. I am still relatively new to the cadet force as an adult Instructor and still have much to learn, but onwards and upwards as they say.

I would urge anyone with time on their hands to fill it with something useful and constructive, and there is no better way then mentoring the youth of today. Join a Cadet force in an area near you if you would like to give something back to the community. If you would like any further information as how to join and what's involved please contact me here


CFAV Javier Kelly

Hello I am Javier Kelly and I am the Adjutant and Training Officer for the Heathrow UTC CCF. As a former student and Air Cadet at Heathrow, I have progressed through the ranks from "Cadet" up to "Cadet Warrant Officer". I am now at university, studying a Bachelor Degree in Airport and Airline Management at The University of West London, and using some of my spare time attending The Combined Cadet Force.

While I was a cadet I managed to secure myself on many courses such as the Regional Radio’s Course and Leadership Courses. I was also lucky enough to be selected to represent the CCF and UTC Heathrow overseas in Gibraltar where I had many experiences some of which I thought I’d never do!


If you are a student in a school with it’s own CCF contingent, I would urge you to give it a try, there is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. As they say “ don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.




CFAV Miss Heather Woodman

Hello, my name is Heather Woodman, I am a volunteer staff member at the Heathrow UTC Combined Cadet Force Unit. I am returning to the cadets as an adult staff member after 6 years of being a cadet myself, reaching the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer and being apart of two cadet units (CCF & ATC) simultaneously.


During my time with the cadet forces I have been privileged enough to meet so many friends from all over the UK at various camps, sports events and other activities, and I’m looking forward to passing on everything I’ve learnt to future generations of cadets to come. I am an ex-student of the Heathrow UTC, where I studied Maths, Physics and Engineering in my last two years of school. I am currently taking a gap year with the intention to start studying Mechanical Engineering at Brunel University in September 2021. My Goals for the future include wanting to pursue a career in aviation, with my interest being in Air Crash Investigation. I also one day would like to become part of the RAF Reservists.


I highly recommend becoming apart of the Cadet Forces. There are so many benefits to being a cadet other than learning what we call the three D’s (Drill, Dress and Discipline). The people you meet, the connections you make and the qualifications you gain will set you ahead of all your peers in the future and teach you some of the most valuable life skills you will need.




CFAV Miss Nolwzi Nxumalo

My Name is Nolwazi Nxumalo, also known as ‘Noli’ and I am currently an adult member of stafft at UTC Heathrow Combined Cadet Force. I am hoping to complete the Officer Indstruction Course in towards the end of 2021. Becoming a part of CCF was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. I previously started as a junior cadet, not knowing anything and being 110% shy.


Throughout my time as a cadet, I learnt Basic First Aid, and have taken part in multiple courses which helped me to develop my own skills and knowledge as well as building my confidence. I also had the oppotunity to fly the Grob 115E Two seater cadet trainer as a cadet.. As an adult member of staff, I am still learning new and fascinating things every day.


I am now in University, studying A Bachelor degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Hertfordshire, whilst using my spare time to continue and progress in Combined Cadet Force. Whether you are confident, shy, outgoing or an indoor person, I urge you to join CCF. it can open up so many opportunities and give to a different outlook on your future, it looks great on your CV and on top of that a wide range of skills are added to your knowledge base.